Sunday August 17, 2014
Earth Healing Day Annual Celebration

Earth Healing Day, August 15, 2011

Meditation for A Peaceful Earth in the New Age

This meditation is joyously and sincerely offered as a reminder of what we, as humans, can become. When we call ourselves to our highest level, miracles can take place within us that not only transform us, but the world at large, as well. As you participate in this meditation, you will be seeding your mind with beautiful possibilities for co-creating a New Age.

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Listen to it often as you prepare yourself to receive the fresh energies of a new planetary cycle. Then, as you celebrate the moment the winter solstice occurs, hold the vision of a new global experience of peace, understanding, wisdom and compassion. Note: this meditation is appropriate to use as we go forward, to remind ourselves of our roles, responsibilities and privileges as we usher in this New Age.

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