Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have suggestions for activities we can do on Earth Healing Day?
    Yes, below are some examples of activities that others will be doing during Earth Healing Day.:

    1. Spend a few moments appreciating all the beauty of Earth. Recall special times you have had when you truly felt connected to Nature and were enjoying seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, perhaps even tasting Nature.

    2. Send your prayers or inner thoughts out to Earth, expressing in your own words your recognition that humanity has not done such a good job of taking care of the planet.

    3. If you feel comfortable doing so, ask Earth's forgiveness for the misfortunes she has suffered at the hands of negligent or uncaring resource managers.

    4. In your mind's eye, visualize a flow of healing being aimed toward and accepted by the planet. However you imagine this to happen is just fine.

      • Perhaps you see Earth absorbing the energy from the caring prayers millions of people are offering on her behalf.
      • Perhaps you see a beautiful white light shining down upon the planet, a light that has the ability to heal her wounded areas.
      • Perhaps you see a gathering of spiritual beings assembling around the planet who have the power to heal Earth’s scarred, spoiled, or wounded regions.

    5. When your visualization is stable, add the sound of your own voice:

      • OM is a very powerful sound to make as you hold your visualization. In the East, it is said to carry the power to dissolve what needs to be cleared away in order to make room for something more appropriate to arise.
      • Some people do not feel comfortable chanting a word or sound with which they are unfamiliar. Please know that any word or phrase of power is suitable. Some may want to use AMEN, ALLELUIA, SHALOM, HO or KIWANA.

    6. The purpose for using a vocalized sound is twofold:

      • First, it helps anchor your visualization in your mind.
      • Second, it adds sound vibrations to your thought vibrations, thus generating more vibratory patterns that may be absorbed by matter.

    7. If you can hold a mental image and vocalize for an hour, that is great. If you prefer to alternate visualizing and vocalizing with returning to a focus of gratitude for the beauty and stability of planet Earth, this is also quite profound. If you want to sit silently for a while thinking about (or meditating on) Earth as a being cleansed of all impurities and existing in her pristine form, this is also great. If you prefer to address your concerns for the planet in words to the Divine, then by all means, please do so.

    8. Have a sense that the offerings of your heart both matter and make a difference for all living beings on Earth. If you can, feel connected in some way to all the other people around the globe who are participating in Earth Healing Day.

    9. Close your hour by being grateful for the beautiful planet on which you live and for being able to participate in this combined wave of healing prayers for Earth.

    Download a copy of these suggestions for Earth Healing Day Activities

  2. What does “OM” mean?
    OM is an ancient Sanskrit word that invokes the presence of the Divine into whatever situation or condition one is focusing on or considering. Further, the syllable OM carries the force of dissolution, or you could say, it clears away what is, in order to make room for what will be, or what can be. For millennia, people around the world have chanted, or sung, the sound OM. To do this, one merely picks a tone, or pitch, that is comfortable for their voice, and sustains the syllable for the length of one breath. It would look something like this: “OooooooooooooooooooooooooHmmmmm.”
  3. Where does “OM” come from?
    OM is an ancient Sanskrit word, which means it comes from the spiritual tradition in India. Because the word is so powerful, Tibetan Buddhism has also used it for millennia. Sounding this syllable, many people believe, has aided them in breaking through the obstacles of life.
  4. What if I am Christian and do not recognize Hinduism as a viable spiritual path for me?
    If you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Taoist, etc. and feel some aversion to sounding OM, you may simply apply the name of the Divine of your choosing. In all spiritual traditions, there is great benefit in sounding the name of God. Whether that be Allah, Yaweh, Jehovah,God, or even Great Spirit, all ways to access the Divine are very powerful. When you sound them several times out loud, sustained on your breath, you will notice a beautiful calm enters your body and your mind. For non-theistic spiritual traditions, use OM sustained for the course of a long out-breath, or you may use “I Am,” which might come out as “AhhhhhhhhEeeeeeeeeAmmmmmmm.” All these will serve you well and benefit the planet when dedicated to Earth’s cleansing and healing.
  5. How does my chanting anything make a difference for the planet?
    The important thing here is to intend for your sound to make a difference for the planet. Our thoughts are very powerful, especially when we know how to use them powerfully. You will notice that when you start chanting or sounding any vowel, a powerful vibration is set up in your body. For some people, this can contribute to healing their bodies. For many others, it brings a sense of inner peace. Chanting/sounding allows a person to turn loose of the problems and concerns that plague the mind and enter into a primal relationship to the sound, both the pitch and the syllable sounded. While this may sound like a simple matter, it can be profoundly moving, particularly when dedicated to a specific outcome. If you haven’t done this previously, try it. You may be surprised.
  6. Will I be deserting my faith if I chant/sound a word that comes from another faith?
    Absolutely not! “OM” is just a sound that your voice can make. There is no doctrine that need be associated with the syllable whatsoever. Practitioners of various faiths have reported that sounding OM has helped dissolve their internal blocks to experiencing greater connection with the Divine.
  7. Is “OM” in any way associated with satanic worship?
    Absolutely not! Generally speaking, people who chant/sound OM report that it helps them be more open to other people, more compassionate to the suffering of others, and more present in their own lives (as well as the lives of other people). Additionally, many people report that chanting/sounding OM allows them to feel closer to God, Allah, Yaweh and the Great Spirit. No darkness or negativity is drawn in by chanting/sounding OM.
  8. If I prefer to pray for a general healing for the planet, will that work for the focus of Earth Healing Day?
    Absolutely! The power of prayer is recognized in virtually every spiritual tradition. While the function of prayer may vary from one tradition to another, the value of prayer is highly regarded in all traditions.
  9. If I participate in Earth Healing Day, will anyone try to convert me from my own spiritual persuasion?
    Absolutely not – at least not from this website or the people who have organized this event. While we cannot be responsible for what any person not affiliated with this site does, we can assure you that this is a completely non-denominational, non-sectarian site. We honor all spiritual traditions and we hope you will feel comfortable resting in your own tradition/belief structure and will bring all that your tradition has to bear on healing the planet.